Monday, September 12, 2011


As I find myself once again submerged in bikini season, I can’t help but wish I had taken the advice of all those health magazines I picked up in March, advising me to start the workout well before summer was in full swing. But, of course, I have procrastinated to the point that it is now impossible to continue to cover up my flabby tummy with bulky layers. So I’m finally off to the gym, with the expectation that I will attain a body that makes me confident when I look in the mirror.

Luckily for me, working out has become less uncomfortable with the help of the Pure Lime sports bra and panties. The breathable material keeps me dry and focused on my burning muscles rather than the discomfort I usually experience in other active wear. Honestly, working out has always been such a hassle, so anything that will make it easier and less of a chore is definitely a plus.

Another awesome thing about it is that they offer thongs. I am all about feeling sexy no matter what, and thongs tend to do that for me. So the fact that I can be dripping in sweat with a completely rosy, blotchy complexion, and still feel good about myself because of what I’m wearing is so amazing. The boyshort is also really nice because it gives more of the coverage you might want when working out. They are both so lightweight that you won’t even feel like you have anything on and feature side ventilation that will keep you dry and cool.

The sports bras are also really worth it because they have adjustable straps, which is always a nice feature of every bra you purchase. Clothes, especially lingerie will fit people in different ways. So having the ability to wear it the way that is most comfortable to you is so important. This line is making my life and gym going experience so much more enjoyable and stress free!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Thongs, Free Shipping, Free Stuff for Cyber Monday!

Black Friday is the largest "brick and mortar" retail day of the year, however we internet lovers are looking at Cyber Monday which is the largest retail sales day of the year for online retailers. Web based retailers everywhere have huge promotions, and sales to gain your interest and sales.

I love Cyber Monday, not only do you get great savings on your holiday shopping list, but you can get a bunch of freebies for yourself, or to give away as extra gifts for friends and co-workers. It's awesome!

Since Cyber Monday is so popular, and the deals tend to run out fast, I like to try to find out what is out there ahead of time. This way I can map out my shopping. Since I am obsessed with new undies, I have been checking out all the lingerie websites that I could, and have found some really great deals!

Avec L'amour (designer lingerie boutique)
- Free Shipping all day Cyber Monday no minimum purchase required
- Free Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie thong with purchase of any Cosabella merchandise (see image above, these are my favorite thongs ever!)
- Free NuBra cleanser with purchase of any NuBra
- Free Butterflies thong with purchase of $75 or more of Claire Pettibone lingerie
- Free lip gloss with purchase of The Little Bra Company merchandise

Figleaves (designer, and basic lingerie site)
- Buy one get one half off on ladies loungewear with promo code FIGLOUNGE

I will let you know as they keep getting posted. Stay tuned, and start your shopping map:)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Athletic Underwear What is best for the Gym?

Athletic wear is so confusing. Have you ever felt like your yoga pants, should come with a pair of underwear designed specifically to go with those pants, I have. I am a runner, and enjoy running outside.

During the summer this means, running in tank tops, and shorts. Most of the jog shorts I own actually have underwear built in, so they are very comfortable, and I never feel like I am attracting unwanted criticism/attention.

Now that winter is approaching, there is another issue. During the colder months I still run outside. However, my yoga pants that I run in, do not have underwear built in. Which leads to the dilemma of what do I wear underneath?

I can wear full back cotton panties, which will have a line, and tend to go up into a thong shape while I am running, and will be wet when I am done since I sweat. All of which is extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention awkward when you pass your friends on the trail in the morning, and you find yourself doing the wiggle trying to get things back where they belong, or are trying to adjusting that "tag" in the back, or better yet walking backwards so that they don't notice that you have a wad in between your cheeks.

I can wear my thongs, which at least stay where I put them, and have a small enough back that I don't feel like I am smuggling something in between my cheeks. However this leads to another issue, most thongs are lace, and not exactly moisture wicking. Well, if you are like me this means that where your thong is on your body, you will also have sweat lines. No thank you, I am not sure that people seeing you have butt sweat is better than people seeing your wad panty line.

So what are you suppose to do? With another fall looming before us, I decided it is time to find underwear that are appropriate for the gym/exercise. Why not, we have bras designed for exercise, why not underwear?

I found some great underwear, that come in different styles, cuts, and colors for everyone. Here are my favorites:
Pure Lime Sports thong (0032) is a great fit, very light weight, and moisture wicking. Available in black, or white.
Cool Fit Boyshorts have a nice mesh side detail, great elastic that will keep them from riding up, and most importantly moisture wicking fabric. Available in an array of colors, they are also low rise to go with today's styles.
Panties in a Bunch offers a cute floral print, moisture wicking, and no bunching. Great silky material that allows for clothing to slide on, without the panties sliding up.

Check out some of these great athletic underwear to complete your gym apparel. You will be so glad you did.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thongs used as hair bands!

In Cosmopolitan's October 2009 issue they feature an article on how to use your thong as a hair scrunchy! I almost died reading this article, it is so insane. Cosmo says to slip off your dirty underwear while you in the middle of getting hot and heavy, and fold your thongs into a hair tie!

Does anyone besides me think this is completely insane?!? What guy is going to be turned on by dirty underwear on your head? Isn't it much sexier to throw them across the room? Why not keep a hair tie on your wrist? Or just twirl your hair around a few times to get it out of the way, or have him hold it? Can you really tell me that your boyfriend complains about holding your hair out of the way while you and he are getting intimate.

What do you ladies say to this?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Organic Panites

Everyone seems to be environmentally aware these days, which let's face it is a good thing. The fashion world, is also becoming more environmentally conscious. And with that consciousness comes new designers, and fun new styles.
I found some cool new lines, that are all organic, and environmentally sound. Check them out for yourself!
Blue Canoe specializes in soft merchandise that is made bamboo, and cotton blends . They carry everything from outerwear to intimates. I love the intimates bamboo collection. The Blue Canoe merchandise is great for women with active lifestyles, that want to feel pretty with a touch of lace, and still have the comfort of cotton.
Couture Cottons specializes in organic lingerie that is made from soy, organic cotton, and bamboo. They carry several styles of pajama sets, and panties, including an adorable french cut panty, which has a ruffle backside. The Couture Cottons panties come up higher, and have a fuller cut.
Check out the green side of underwear. I think you will be surprised how cute it can be.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Plus Size Panties

The plus size lingerie market is severely lacking. Many women don't know where to go to find cute lingerie in the plus size category. You can find a lot of trashy lingerie, but it is much harder to find designer plus size lingerie. So I went on a hunt to find nice lingerie in the plus sizes, specifically beautiful panties.
The site, is the best site I have found so far! Alectra has a lot of great sophisticated plus size lingerie. They have beautiful panties such as the Marilyn, sexy lace camisoles such as the Lana , the Spice garter belts and more.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stretch Lace Thongs which is best?

Ok, so there are a million different versions of stretch lace thongs out there.  This of course all started with Hanky Panky's #4811 thong.  Women finding this thong was like caveman finding fire.  The heavens parted, and all dressing issues were answered(well for the most part).  Now there are a million interpretations of this thong.  Some of them cheaper, some of them smaller, some with prints, and so on.  But how do you know which is the best one?  When they can range in price from Fredricks of Hollywood $8.00 Bridget Stretch Lace thong, to Victoria's Secret Lacie Thong $16.00, to the original Hanky Panky original #4811 thong $18.00, to Cosabella's Never Say Never Bootie Lace Thong $18.00.  And what is the difference between all of these items anyway?!?  Most of them claim to be one size fits all, and to be totally seamless.  They are all suppose to hide under your clothes, and leave no panty line, and be the most comfortable panties you could ever put on.  

Well I did an in-depth comparison and here is what I have found:

The price is right, they are what you would expect from Fredrick's.  They are pretty soft, and not uncomfortable.  However, the quality is not great, buy this in bulk if you are going to buy them, the seaming was coming undone with in one wash, and the lace were frayed to the point of no longer cute.  Also, they are not seamless, they definitely showed under a tighter skirt.  T
hey are also extremely lowrise, meaning I hope you have a brazilian to wear these.  Also, while they do come in sizes, you might want to size up, they run short in the rise.  I wear a size 4, so I bought a small, and found that it was riding up.  But, if you are someone who doesn't keep panties for an extended time, then again the price is right.  I give them 2 out of 5 stars.

These are over priced in my opinion.  They were pretty comfortable, and were not as low as the Fredrick's.  However, I didn't find these to be much different in quality than the Fredrick's thong.  They looked pretty worn out after a couple of washings, the lace was completely frayed.  They hide better than the Fredrick's thong under clothes, but not invisible.  I did like all the color choices in this thong, and think they are cute, but still not as good as the original Hanky Panky that we all started with.  I give them 2.5 out of 5 stars.

It is hard to argue with the original.  These are very comfortable, and are good quality.  My biggest complaint with the Hanky Panky thong is that I find after wearing them a couple times they bag around the front.  Perhaps if they came in sizes this would be less of an issue.  Also, they are not completely seamless, they did show under my dress.  They did wash up nicely, and are very comfortable.  I give them 4 out of 5 stars.

At last a winner, make way for the new leader in stretch lace thongs!  These are so comfortable, and the lace is the softest I have ever felt.  I totally forgot I even had them on.  They have tons of stretch, 136% stretch as a matter of fact.  There are no seams, they are in fact seamless, and hid under my skirt.  They did not create the bag in the front after a few wears like the Hanky Panky.  However, I will say I think they run a bit smaller than Hanky Panky, so if you wear larger than a size 12, I may opt for the plus size version, which they do make.  I found this collection from Cosabella also come in two other styles of panty a low rise version, the Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie, and a boyshort, the Cosabella Never Say Never Hottie I am going to try these out next.  The only argument I have against these, is they need more colors.  I give these 4.5 out of 5 stars.